Safety public assessment reports

MHRA monitors the safety of all medicines and vaccines on the market in the UK.

We communicate to healthcare professionals and the public any advice that we give and regulatory decisions that we make about the safety of medicines and vaccines.
One of the ways we do this is by producing safety public assessment reports (PARs). These explain the assessment of the scientific evidence that led to our regulatory decisions regarding the safety of medicines or medicine classes.
These reports present the evidence that was available when the regulatory decision was made, showing a ‘snapshot’ of the clinical landscape at the time. However, any advice in these PARs remains current unless it is superseded by a more recent PAR (where relevant, this is indicated below).

All safety PARs produced by MHRA are listed below in chronological order. These reports cover medicines safety issues assessed at a national level. Since the EU pharmacovigilance legislation came into effect in 2012, most safety issues are now assessed at EU level. Public assessment reports for these issues can be found on the following websites:

We prioritise the publication of PARs that relate to major national regulatory action. See also our monthly newsletter Drug Safety Update for updates and prescribing advice on a wide range of medicines.

All public assessment reports on drug safety


Page last modified: 20 June 2017