Liquid paracetamol for children: revised UK dosing instructions introduced

14 November 2011

Paracetamol is used to treat pain and fever in adults and children aged 2 months and over, and for reducing post-vaccination fever in babies aged 2 – 3 months.

Some paracetamol products have been developed specifically for use in children age less than 16 years. They are mainly available as liquid formulations taken by mouth. The brands of liquid paracetamol products licensed in the UK for use in children include: Calpol; Disprol; Junior Parapaed; Medinol; and Medised.

Following a review, the UK dosing instructions for children's liquid paracetamol products have been revised so that a child receives the most effective dose for their age. See the following Public Assessment Report for a summary of the findings from the review, and the new dosing instructions.

This report presents the evidence that was available when the regulatory decision was made, showing a ‘snapshot’ of the clinical landscape at the time. However, any advice in this report remains current unless it is superseded by a more recent report (where relevant, this is indicated).

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