Efficacy of progestogens in the maintenance of early pregnancy in women with threatened miscarriage or recurrent miscarriage

01 February 2008

Progestogen hormones such as progesterone and dydrogesterone have been used for several decades to maintain pregnancy in the early stages. The MHRA recently reviewed the evidence for the effectiveness of progestogens in maintaining pregnancy in women at risk of miscarriage.  

The review found that progestogens may help to maintain pregnancy in women who are at risk of recurrent miscarriage (ie, women who have experienced miscarriage at least three times previously). However, there is little evidence for progestogens helping to maintain pregnancy in women with threatened miscarriage (bleeding and cramps during pregnancy that may result in miscarriage).

A summary of the evidence and findings from the review is contained in the public assessment report below.

This report presents the evidence that was available when the regulatory decision was made, showing a ‘snapshot’ of the clinical landscape at the time. However, any advice in this report remains current unless it is superseded by a more recent report (where relevant, this is indicated).

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