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The public assessment reports provided are compiled and edited in accordance with EC Directive 2004/27/EC.

In accordance with the directives, MHRA makes a scientific assessment report called a public assessment report (PAR) available for new licenses granted after 30 October 2005. Commercially or personally confidential information is removed.

MHRA holds data for medicines that are licensed at a national level. Some medicines are licensed as part of a European network coordinated by the European Medicines Agency. Public assessment reports for these products can be found on the following websites:

Product information included as an annex in the PARs may not be the same as the product information available on our medicines information portal. This is due to the date of publication of the UKPAR.

Safety public assessment reports

MHRA monitors the safety of all medicines and vaccines on the market in the UK.

To keep healthcare professionals and the public informed about updated safety advice for medicines we produce post-licensing safety PARs.


These PARs explain the regulatory decisions about the safety of a medicine made by MHRA and include clinical data and scientific assessments.

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This page lists the latest 50 public assessment reports that have been published. If you are looking for a specific report please use the search on the left

Latest 50 public assessment reports

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