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All reports made to the MHRA on suspected reactions to drugs are listed in our Drug Analysis Prints (DAPs). If a report on the drug you are interested in is not available, please contact pharmacovigilanceservice@mhra.gsi.gov.uk

About DAPs

Drug Analysis Prints (DAPs) contain complete listings of all suspected adverse drug reactions or side effects, which have been reported to the MHRA, via the Yellow Card Scheme for a particular drug substance. This includes all reports received from healthcare professionals, members of the public, and pharmaceutical companies.

Medicines are listed alphabetically by the name of the active ingredient, not by the brand name. (To find the name of the active substance in your medicine, look at the patient information leaflet that was supplied with it.)

DAPs provided on this website are regularly updated. Please be aware, however, that if you have reported a suspected adverse drug reaction it may not immediately appear on this website. This delay is due to a time lag which has been built into the publication of this information, to enable the MHRA to investigate any safety concerns and take necessary action.

Viewing DAPs

Before accessing any Drug Analysis Prints you must read our essential guidance so that you fully understand the information contained within them.

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