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What is RSS?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and provides a fast and effective way of keeping up to date with your favourite sites through website feeds.

How do I start using RSS?

To view and collect RSS feeds you will need a news reader, or up-to-date web browser. RSS news readers are available online and many are free of charge. Once you have installed a news reader, either drag the orange RSS button into your news reader or click on the orange RSS button and cut and paste the website address into your reader.

MHRA RSS feeds are subject to the general terms and conditions of this site.

Available feeds

Devices regulatory news RSS Feed ICON

Drug alerts and recalls RSS Feed ICON

Drug Safety Update RSS Feed ICON

Information sent to healthcare professionals RSS Feed ICON

Medical devices safety alerts, messages and guidance RSS Feed ICON

Medical Device Alerts RSS Feed ICON

Medicines regulatory news RSS Feed ICON

Medicines safety alerts, messages and guidance RSS Feed ICON

MHRA news releases RSS Feed ICON

MHRA press releases RSS Feed ICON

Safety warnings and messages for herbal medicines RSS Feed ICON

Safety warnings and messages for medicines RSS Feed ICON

Weekly lists of Field Safety Notices RSS Feed ICON

Page last modified: 10 July 2012