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PDF links within bulletins

There are a few specific problems that some users have reported in regard to opening PDFs via the links in our emails. The following suggestions may help:

  • If you receive emails in text format you may find that very long links break within the email. This may be because of settings within your email program which will break the URL into two or more lines. In this scenario, you will need to copy and paste the link into your browser window . Prior to doing so it may be necessary to paste the link into a text editing program and make the link appear on one line. An alternative in this case is to receive emails in HTML format.
  • In Internet Explorer, some PDF documents may open a blank page. If this happens we recommend that you 'Refresh' the page (Ctrl+R on the keyboard) to reload the PDF document.
  • An alternative solution may require the you to make changes to the Acrobat or Reader application. In Adobe Acrobat Reader (or Acrobat itself) you can go to edit/preferences/options and check the "Display PDF In Browser" option. Leaving this box unchecked forces Acrobat to open the document inside the application, not inside the web page. If problems continue it is also possible to follow the suggestions in the Adobe support document located on their website (external link).

Feedback about the MHRA email alerting service

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Page last modified: 23 January 2014