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European withdrawal of anorectic agents/appetite suppressants: new legal developments, no new safety issues: Licences for phentermine and amfepramone being withdrawn May 2001

11 May 2001

This relates to a legal action and is not related to any new safety concerns. A Europe-wide review of the risks and benefits of anorectic agents/appetite suppressants led to the withdrawal of their licences in April 2000 following a European Commission Decision. Following an appeal by some of the licence holders, the effects of the Commission's decisions were suspended and the licences for amfepramone and phentermine were re-instated in April and August 2000, respectively. The suspension of the decisions have now been set aside by the European courts and the licences for these drugs must be withdrawn again in the European Union.

In the UK, the following products are affected:

Duromine (phentermine)
 Ionamin (phentermine) 
 Diethylpropion (amfepramone)
Tenuate Dospan (amfepramone)

The following advice sheets have been forwarded to relevant practitioners:

1) Advice for health professionals
2) Information sheet for patients

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