Advice to consumers not to use Equyfiam Cream, marketed as a natural cream

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4 December 2012

The Irish Medicines Board have found Equyfiam cream to contain an undeclared active ingredient.

Product name

Equyfiam Cream

Reason for warning

Equyfiam cream was recalled after it was analysed by the Irish Medicine Board and found to contain an undeclared active ingredient levels of 9.3mg per gram. Equyfiam  cream is marketed as a natural cream.

Progesterone is a prescription only medicine in the United Kingdom and Ireland. New Vistas Healthcare Ltd obtained the cream from the US where it is also marketed as a natural cream under a different name. The product was then relabelled with the new name ‘Equyfiam Cream’ prior to placing on the Irish market.

Possible side effects

Progesterone is the steroid hormone involved in the female menstrual cycle and can cause miscarriage in pregnancy.

This product is available on the UK market and normally normally distributed to health shop retailers, Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) Practitioners.

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