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Publications and consultations

Welcome to the publications section.

We produce a range of publications, most of which are aimed at healthcare professionals or people working in the device or pharmaceutical industries. Some are available in full text as pdf documents.

Latest publications

24 Jul 2014 | Medical Device Alert: Surgical instrument: Standard Offset Cup Impactor manufactured by Greatbatch (MDA/2014/031)

This medical device alert is being issued due to the potential for infection from inadequately sterilized devices.

23 Jul 2014 | Medical Device Alert: Synthes trauma external fixation system (small, medium, distraction osteogenesis (DO) ring and large) manufactured by DePuy Synthes (MDA/2014/030)

This Medical device alert is being issued as due to a change in instructions for use devices are now 'MR-Conditional', placing additional restrictions on patient positioning.

22 Jul 2014 | Medical Device Alert: Ventstar disposable breathing systems manufactured by Draeger (MDA/2014/029)

This MDA is being issued as due to a manufacturing issue, there is the potential for loose adhesive residue to be inside the breathing systems.

22 Jul 2014 | Class 2 medicines recall (action within 48 hours): Amoxicillin Sodium 500mg Powder for Solution for Injection manufactured by Wockhardt UK Ltd (EL (14)A/11)

Further to the Class 4 ‘caution in use’ Alert issued on 9 July 2014, ref. EL (14)A/09, Wockhardt UK Ltd has received a small number of additional reports of injection site reactions in both paediatrics and adults. As a precaution, some batches of the 500mg presentation are now being recalled.

22 Jul 2014 | MHRA Annual Report and Accounts 2013/14

We have today published our Annual Report and Accounts 2013/14.

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Corporate publications

Man reading a corporate report

This section includes all our corporate publications, including our annual reports, corporate plans, business plans and our framework document.

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Consumer publications

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This section includes publications to provide guidance to consumers on the safe use of medicines and medical devices.
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Safety guidance

Guidance documents

This section includes the wide range of documents we produce which provide guidance on safety issues concerning medicines and medical devices.

Regulatory guidance

Guidance documents

This section includes the wide range of publications we produce to provide guidance to industry on the regulation of devices and medicines.


People being consulted at a meeting
The MHRA formally consults organisations representing public and professional interests, trade associations and industry on proposed statutory changes and other matters of importance.

Public Assessment Reports (PARs)

Man doing assessment
The MHRA makes assessment reports available for all new licences for medicines granted after 30 October 2005, albeit with commercially or personally confidential information removed.

Posters and leaflets

Nurse looking at a leaflet with a patient
This section includes our range of posters and leaflets which complement our more comprehensive guidance documents.
Page last modified: 02 April 2013