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Drug Alerts

This section of the site gives details of MHRA drug alerts issued since 29 October 2001.

Manufacturers and importers are obliged to report to the MHRA any quality defect in a medicinal product which could result in a recall or restriction on supply. Other users and distributors of medicinal products are encouraged to do this.

Where a defect is considered to be a risk to public health, the marketing authorisation holder withdraws the affected product from use and the MHRA issues a 'drug alert' letter. This alert is classified from 1 to 4 depending upon the risk presented to the public health by the defective product. Class 1 is the most critical, for example serious mislabelling, microbial contamination or incorrect ingredients, and requires immediate recall; Class 4 is the least critical and advises 'caution in use'.

Latest Drug Alerts

Page last modified: 06 March 2014