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Drug Safety Update: Volume 2, Issue 4, November 2008

Document details:

Type: Publication
Series No: Volume 2, Issue 4
Audience: Healthcare professionals
Published: November 2008
Format: Electronic and paper
Size: A4
Pages: 10
Price: Free
Author: MHRA
Copyright: Crown

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In this issue...

Drug safety advice

  • Varenicline: adverse psychiatric reactions, including depression
  • Tigecycline: new formulation affects compatibility

Yellow Card scheme update

  • Reporting by community pharmacists is encouraged for OTCs

Hot topic

  • Ezetimibe and possible increased risk of cancer: results of SEAS study

Stop Press

  • Rimonabant: European suspension of marketing authorisation
  • Inhaled anticholinergics: recent published data for risk of death or stroke
  • Paracetamol use in infancy: no strong evidence for asthma link

Other information from the MHRA

  • Patient Information Leaflet of the month: Telfast
  • ‘My medicine’: new section on MHRA website
  • Device bulletin: use of in vitro diagnostic devices with other medical equipment
  • Herbal medicines: packaging shows MHRA approval

Page last modified: 06 November 2008