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Blood Pressure Measurement Devices

Document details:

Type: Publication
Series No: DB 2006(03) v2.0
Audience: Healthcare professionals
Published: 09/2012
Format: Electronic only
Size: A4
Pages: 16
Price: Free
ISBN/ISSN: 978 1 900731 77 0
Author: MHRA
Copyright: Crown

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The measurement of blood pressure is important in the diagnosis and monitoring of a wide range of clinical conditions. In this document we review the advantages and disadvantages of mercury, aneroid, electronic manual sphygmomanometers and automated blood pressure measuring devices. This should help to ensure the most appropriate technology is selected for use.

The topics covered are:

  • Types of blood pressure measurement equipment
  • Sources of error and other issues
  • Purchase, training and maintenance
  • Mercury


If you have any enquiries about this publication please send an email to: dts@mhra.gsi.gov.uk


First published 2006. Revised and reissued September 2012.

Page last modified: 26 October 2012