Patients and public: A one-stop resource

Welcome to the patients and public area of the MHRA website. This section provides targeted links to information throughout the site which is aimed specifically at patients and the public.

The section includes latest news and hot topics for the MHRA, details on reporting safety problems and information on specific medicines, devices and conditions.

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News and hot topics

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10 Jul 2014 | Medical Device Alert: Breast implants. All types, makes and models (MDA/2014/027)

This MDA has been issued to further encourage healthcare professionals to report cases of anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL) in women who have breast implants or who have had them removed.

17 Jun 2014 | New EU Clinical Trials Regulation published

On 27 May 2014, the Clinical Trials Regulation was published in the Official Journal of the EU (OJEU).

29 May 2014 | Medical Device Alert: Paradigm ambulatory insulin infusion pumps manufactured by Medtronic (MDA/2014/019)

This MDA is being issued due to risk of hypoglycaemia due to incorrect selection and delivery of bolus amount.

28 Apr 2014 | Company-led drug recall: Herceptin 150 mg powder for concentrate for solution for infusion - Roche Products Limited - CLDA (14)A06

Further to CLDA (14)A05, Roche Products Limited is expanding the recall to wholesale level in the UK to include all batches Herceptin 150 mg powder for concentrate for solution for infusion labelled as Italian Herceptin® 150 mg.

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Contacting the MHRA

Contacting the MHRA - home
This page provides links to information about how to contact the MHRA.
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Medicines, devices and conditions

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This section provides information on specific products and conditions. The products include steroid medicines, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and information on the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine.
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My medicine: From laboratory to pharmacy shelf

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It takes an average of ten years for a chemical compound to make the journey from the laboratory to reach the pharmacy shelf as a medicine. This section provides links to information to help you find out more about the life cycle of medicines from their first scientific discovery through to licensing and ongoing monitoring.

Reporting safety problems

Safety and pharmacovigilance - home

It is crucial that issues with medicines and medical devices are reported to the MHRA, as this allows us to monitor the safety and efficacy of products, and take action if necessary. This page provides links to information about reporting problems with medicines, vaccines and devices.

Buying counterfeit medicines and medicines online

Woman buying a medicine online - home

Counterfeit medicines and medicines bought online are an increasing problem, both in the UK and globally. This page provides links to information about the risks of buying medicines over the internet and counterfeit medicines and devices.

Herbal and homeopathic medicines

Herbal and homeopathic - home

Herbal and homeopathic medicines and substance are medicines in their own right. As with any other medicine they are likely to have an effect on the body and should be used with care.

Medicines and your family

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This page provides links to further information about the use of medicines in pregnancy and for babies and young children.
Page last modified: 17 October 2013