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Press release: Public warned to be extra vigilant when purchasing and using Nurofen Plus

Press release

Date: 25 August 2011
Time: 16:00
Subject: Public warned to be extra vigilant when purchasing and using Nurofen Plus
Contact: Press Office 020 3080 7651
or press.office@mhra.gsi.gov.uk
Out-of-hours 07770 446 189

The MHRA is advising people to be extra vigilant if taking Nurofen Plus pain relief tablets following reports that the anti-psychotic drug, Seroquel XL 50mg, has been found within some Nurofen Plus packets. Nurofen Plus tablets are a pharmacy only product. Only three defective packs have been found in pharmacies.

The batch numbers and details which can be found on the affected Nurofen Plus packets are:

Pack size Batch number Expiry date Product licence no
 32 Tablets  13JJ  03/2014  00327 / 0082
 32 Tablets  57JJ  05/2014  00063 / 0376
 32 Tablets  49JJ  05/2014  00063 / 0376




The large capsule-shaped Seroquel XL 50 mg tablets can be identified by their gold and black packaging.

The smaller Nurofen Plus tablets can be identified by their silver and black packaging.

Ian Holloway from the MHRA’s Defective Medicines Report Centre (DMRC) said, “People should check to see if they have any affected packets of Nurofen Plus. If you do, return them to the pharmacy where you bought them from. You can also report this to the MHRA on 020 3080 6000 or info@mhra.gsi.gov.uk

“If you have taken a tablet and you have any questions, speak to your healthcare professional.”

Notes to Editor

  1. The MHRA has today issued a Class 4 Drug Alert (Caution in Use) to pharmacies.
  2. Nurofen Plus tablets are pharmacy only status. The company that holds the licence is Reckitt Benckiser (UK) Ltd. The medicine is used as a painkiller for the short term treatment of acute, moderate pains which are not relieved by paracetamol, ibuprofen or aspirin alone. It contains codeine.
  3. Seroquel XL 50mg tablets are prescription-only. The company that holds the original licence is AstraZeneca UK Ltd. The medicine is an anti-psychotic used to treat several illnesses such as schizophrenia, mania and bipolar depression.
  4. The MHRA is the government agency responsible for ensuring that medicines and medical devices work, and are acceptably safe. No product is risk-free. Underpinning all our work lie robust and fact-based judgements to ensure that the benefits to patients and the public justify the risks. We keep watch over medicines and devices, and take any necessary action to protect the public promptly if there is a problem. We encourage everyone – the public and healthcare professionals as well as the industry – to tell us about any problems with a medicine or medical device, so that we can investigate and take any necessary action.
Page last modified: 26 August 2011