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Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency launches its 2013-2018 corporate plan


11 April 2013

The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency has launched its new five year corporate plan.

The corporate plan is a very important document. It:

  • sets our strategic direction for the next five years
  • frames how we work with our stakeholders
  • creates a structure for our work, flowing into annual business plans.

We are keen for people and organisations that have an interest in our work to help us shape our direction in the next five years, and so we have developed this plan in association with a range of stakeholders.

The plan is for an enlarged organisation. We welcome a new “centre” to our family with the transfer of the National Institute of Biological Standards and Control from the Health Protection Agency. This joins the Clinical Practice Research Datalink, which was launched in April 2012. The corporate plan shows how we will capitalise on these exciting developments.

Our corporate plan sets out:

  • key challenges and opportunities facing us over the next five years.
  • key objectives and activities
  • outcomes we are hoping to achieve

Our vision of success is: “We enhance and improve the health of millions of people every day through the effective regulation of medicines and medical devices, underpinned by science and research”

The corporate plan is structured around five themes:

  1. The role of regulation and the regulator
  2. Bringing innovation safely to market
  3. Strengthening surveillance
  4. Safe medicines and devices and secure supply in globalised industries
  5. Achieving excellence – a well run, efficient and effective organisation

Alongside our corporate plan, we have published our 2013-14 business plan. This sets out specific activities and targets that will contribute to the delivery of the corporate plan to ensure we deliver out high quality of service to our stakeholders.

The Regulatory Excellence Programme is also published alongside our corporate plan. This includes our commitments to the Cabinet Office Red Tape Challenge to reduce regulatory burden. It succeeds the earlier Better regulation of medicines initiative (BROMI) simplification work streams. 


Download our 2013-2018 corporate plan, our 2013-2014 business plan and our regulatory excellence programme:

Page last modified: 11 April 2013