British Pharmacopoeia

The British Pharmacopoeia (BP), which is now published annually, is the only comprehensive collection of standards for UK medicinal substances.

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It contributes to the overall control of the quality of medicinal products by providing an authoritative statement of the standard that a product is expected to meet at any time during its period of use. The publicly available and legally enforceable pharmacopoeia standards are designed to complement and assist the MHRA licensing processes for medicinal products, and are part of the system for safeguarding public health. The BP is an essential reference for all individuals and organisations involved in pharmaceutical research, development, and manufacture and testing of medicines.

The Quality of Medicines - Future Evolution

For further information on the BP, please see the British Pharmacopoeia website:

The British Pharmacopoeia website (external link)

The new website offers a subscription service allowing access to new and revised monographs, monographs omitted from previous editions of the BP and typical chromatograms published in the hard copy BP. It is anticipated the new site will make a significant contribution to improving communication with stakeholders in line with the Government's initiative for better regulation, providing transparency in the monograph development and standard setting process and advice and guidance to users of the BP. Electronic forms for submitting monograph revision requests and initiation proposals are included on the site, along with corrections for the latest edition of the BP.

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