Herbal medicines regulation: Traditional Herbal Medicines Registration Scheme application numbers and latest news

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Latest traditional herbal registration application numbers - updated December 2011
The following table sets out the cumulative totals for traditional herbal registration (THR) applications received and grants made for each year since the introduction of the THR scheme in October 2005. From April 2009 onwards the table includes products entering the review of herbal product licences.

All THR applications not shown as granted remain under assessment. In the event that THR applications are rejected a new line in the table will be introduced to show this.

Information about the products which have been granted a THR can be found in the Public Assessment Reports for herbal medicines section

Cumulative total of THR applications and grants
  2006-2011 to November 2012
THR applications (excluding transfers from PL) 218 237
THR applications (transfers from PL) 18 19
All THR applications 236 256
THR grants (excluding transfers from PL) 129 173
THR grants (transfers from PL) 14 20
All THR grants 143 193

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