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Advertising complaint - Laxido Orange - Healthcare professional advertisement - November 2008

Norgine Pharmaceuticals Limited complained to the MHRA about an advertisement for Laxido Orange by Galen Limited published in Prescriber of 20 November 2008. The complainant was concerned that the advertisement was misleading and was potentially prejudicial to patient safety as it suggested that Laxido was an alternative to Movicol. Norgine alleged that the products could not be considered equivalent since they have different precautions and warnings for use.

The MHRA did not uphold the complaint. The advertisement did not claim that the products were identical but only made the factual claim that Laxido could be used as an alternative to Movicol. The relevant SPC precautions and warnings were included in the advertisement’s abbreviated prescribing information.

Date case raised: 28 November 2008
Date action agreed: 10 December 2008
Date of publication: 20 March 2009

Page last modified: 20 March 2009