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In the public interest, ministers need the advice they receive on matters relating to the regulation of medicines and medical devices to be impartial. They also need to be able to seek such advice from a wide range of highly skilled professionals who are senior and well regarded in their respective fields and from a range of appointed lay and patient representatives.

A number of independent advisory committees have been established to provide such an advice. These committees can also establish working group to address specific problems. Members of these committees may receive a fee and claim some expenses. This section sets out details about the terms of references of these various committees, their members and the work they undertake.

Expert Group on innovation in the regulation of healthcare

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This section contains details on the Expert Group on innovation in the regulation of healthcare.
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Medicines Industry Liaison Group

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The MHRA has established the Medicines Industry Liaison Group (MLG) in order to work co-operatively with industry in our burden reduction/simplification programme.
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Medicines advisory bodies

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The medicines advisory bodies were introduced under the Medicines Act 1968. They provide advice to ministers (who are the Licensing Authority) on aspects of medicines regulation.


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This section contains details of committees relating to the devices sector.

Independent Scientific Advisory Committee for MHRA database research

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The ISAC is a non-statutory expert advisory body was established in 2006 by the Secretary of State to provide advice on research related requests to access data from the Yellow Card Scheme and the General Practice Research Database. Members are appointed by the Appointments Commission.
Page last modified: 18 October 2013