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The MHRA currently employs over 900 staff. Our main workforce is located in London, with other satellite offices around the UK. The MHRA is an executive agency of the Department of Health and as such is a part of the wider Civil Service.

Current job vacancies

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For the latest MHRA opportunities please see the Civil Service jobs website.
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Civil Service People Survey: MHRA results (2012)

We measure engagement in the Agency by inviting staff to participate in the annual Civil Service People Survey every October. It contains a generic set of questions and in 2012 was used by 97 organisations across the Civil Service.

A key element of the people survey is the ‘employee engagement index’. This is a measure of how engaged employees are with their work and the organisation and is calculated from responses to five of the key questions in the survey:

  • I am proud when I tell others I am part of the Agency
  • I would recommend the Agency as a great place to work
  • I feel a strong personal attachment to the Agency
  • The Agency inspires me to do the best in my job
  • The Agency motivates me to help it achieve its objectives.

There is clear evidence of a link between highly-engaged staff, high levels of health and well-being and organisational performance, so this is an indicator we take seriously. We had a 75 percent response rate to the 2012 survey and our employee engagement index was calculated at 61 percent. This is three percent higher than 2011 and three percent higher than the Civil Service average.

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Working for the MHRA

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This page sets out some of the benefits of working at the MHRA, including flexible working, a focus on work-life balance and our learning and development opportunities.

Staff profiles

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This page provides profiles of some of our staff

Professional Skills for Government

PSG framework
The Professional Skills for Government framework represents a new and more structured way of describing Civil Service positions and careers.
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